The Park Playground

I did my internship with The Park from februari until may 2022 as an allround graphic designer.
There I did everything, from print, to social media visuals. I got to do a lot of fun and different types of projects.

Business cards

I made a new design of the business cards for the whole company, here I made use of csv-files to automate all the cards. When imported into Indesign, these were automatically made with all the right information in them. These were made with Illustrator, Indesign and google sheets.

Mockup of the business card design


In these months I made a couple of flyers as well, for B2B to B2C. All different kind of events and audience. This was made with InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

B2B flyer for teambuildings
B2B flyer for opening of Amsterdam venue

Explanation video

For safety measures and workflow I directed, shot and edited a small series of videos explaining everything so the client can start a safe and well explained journey in VR. Video’s were made for every tech type, as well for every IP we have available at the moment. These were made with Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Explanation of an IP
Explanation of the free roam experience

Redesigning closets

When moving from old to new tech VR headsets, these closets became partially empty. So I made a design with greenery and parts of the logo, these are now visible in certain venue’s around Belgium. This was made with Photoshop and Illustrator.